Welcome to the Dustan-e-Kooh Home Page

Dustan-e-Kooh is a group of avid Iranian hikers. Since September 1995 we have been meeting every Saturday morning at 7:00AM.

The trails we have covered so far are:

Sanborn park - San Andreas trail to Castle Rock. Approximately 11 miles. See pictures

Sanborn park - San Andreas trail to Summit Rock. Approximately 13 miles.

Castle Rock Park - Saratoga-Gap. Approximately 8 miles.

Rancho San Antonio- Hidden Villa. Approximately 10 Miles.

Rancho San Antonio- Black Mountain. Approximately 16 Miles.

Rancho San Antonio - Saratoga Gap. Approximately 16 Miles.

Huddart Park. Approximately 8 Miles.

Mount Modana - Gilroy. Approximately 8 Miles.

Half Dome - Yosemite. Approximately 16 Miles. See pictures

Mount Whitney - Lone Pine. 14495 feet (4417 meters) is the highest mountain in the lower 48 states . Approximately 22 Miles.See pictures

Skyline to the sea - Saratoga Gap to Santa cruz Beach.Approximately 27 Miles.

Hidden Villa to Big Basin - The killer hike Approximately 33 Miles.

Our hikers are ready to take orders :

and take picturs :

They can jump too:

At Whitney Portal Sept 2002 :